3D artist, code & storytelling

I help clients tell stories with design & code. I can take projects from concept to completion or lend a hand to creative teams in need. My latest major work is flewnstory.com coming winter 2015 to the iOS app store. Previously I worked as a designer, animator and technical director for motion graphic studios such as GiantAnt, Autofuss (acquired by Google), GoodbySilverstien, Ntropic and many others.

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Portfolio | 2015

Below is a sampling of projects I created or had a heavy hand in their process.

Personal Project | Flewn

Flewn will appear on the iOS app store Summer/Fall of 2015. This was a self-funded venture with help from a successful kickstarter campaign. The story follows an old whale walking on stilts through the desert in search of a lost ocean. It combines elements of gamedesign mechanics with a classic storybook feel. Using the smartphone/tablet medium I wanted to explore what a good story could be when experienced with the multi-media output of the ubiquitous mobile device. I carefully combined text with animation, music and ambient sound to create a rich storytelling experience. Flewn was a tremendous learning experience as I delved into programming, hand coding the entire project. Find more information at FlewnStory.com.

Apple | Kaleidopop

Ntropic brought me on to help them develop animations to play on screens at the Apple Store. The idea was to introduce Apple products in a Kaleidopop style. The Apple products themselves would be unrecognizable, drawing the viewer in while the products danced in different patterns. Then, finally the Apple product would be revealed. My role was to develop styles, design boards to pitch visual development ideas and animation.

Adobe | Enterprise

I teamed up with the designers at Autofuss(acquired by Google) to pitch GoodbySilverstien on a project for Adobe. The above images I designed, built in 3D, and composited. We went on to complete the project seen here. https://vimeo.com/50564259

SalesForce | Logo Illustration

SalesForce was looking to update their logo. I worked with Ntropic to realize the SalesForce marketing team’s vision.

Benoît Gomis | Book Cover Design

My friend Benoît approached me in need of a book cover design. After a an hour and half long chat I sat down to play around with an idea. I felt I could represent an inflated counter-terrorism response with a spherical interconnected and multi-faceted geometric design. The spherical construct is tied together by an organized web that represent communication and organized structure. I colored this dome a translucent black like the tinted windows of a car. The dome has a feeling of being able to look out but not being able to look in. The overall construction of the motif has a fragility as pieces are being pulled off the top to represent the domes deconstruction by the analysis of Benoît’s writing.