The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Client: Where The Buffalo Roam
Roles:  3D Tracking  and compositing titles into footage.

Secret Project (In production)

Client: Personal project in collaboration with BuiltBySnowman.
Roles: Concept Dev, Design, UX, UI, Storytelling, Motion Graphics.

Cloud One

Client: NTropic
Roles: 3D Design, Rendering, Compositing, Concept Development.

The Story of Flewn

Client: Personal Project
Roles: Storytelling, Writing, Graphic Design, Animation, Code, UX. 
Info:  Available on the iOS app store.


Client: Ntropic
Skills: StyleFrames, Rendering, Motion Graphics.

Portal Experiment using ARKit

Client: Personal Design Challenge/Experiment 
Roles: 3D World Building & Design, UX code.


Client: Autofuss  
Roles: 3D Design, Rendering, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Concept Development.